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Grand Island, FL, us
About me:
I'm 49, the mother of two amazing young men. I have been disabled since 2004 and live alone with 3 kitties who are great company. I am addicted to Popsicles and have been given the Popsicle Queen Crown by my online friends... love them all. I am also addicted to Josh Groban. I have been asked if he is my son. Now that was great! I enjoy lots of things... movies, cooking, chatting, nature, music, camping, fishing...should I go on? Anything you want to know, just ask.
Favorite Music:
I love Josh Groban and can't get enough. I also enjoy Native American music.... hey I like just about everything other than rap. Lately I've been listening to a lot of sappy love songs. Right now Toni Braxton is coming through my speakers with Unbreak My Heart. This autographed lithograph from the 2007 Awake Tour is my most treasured possesion.

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